Is Steam Cleaning Better Than Mopping?


Household cleaning is tedious, but we cannot just neglect those chores. A professional must be involved in cleaning the house for the sake of the health of everyone who resides in those homes. 

Dirty homes can lead to long-term illnesses such as skin irritations and worsening asthma attacks.

The method you use and how you decide to clean your home is entirely on you. It is not easy to choose from the options available. Is steam cleaning better than mopping? Yes, it’s safer, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective. Here we will be talking more about how steam cleaning may be a better option than mopping. 

We will help you know the difference, similarities, limitations, and advantages of each. It will then help you decide which method is the best. Almost everyone has used both mopping and steam cleaning. But once they realized the steam cleaning method, no one looked back to mopping.

Steam Cleaning

What do we mean by steam cleaning? Some people refer to it as the hot water extraction method. It is entirely natural because there’s no use of any chemical products. As the name suggests, professionals use a steam cleaner. 

There are no other products used, making it even more environmentally friendly. A steam cleaner uses steam to force out dirt germs and other particles on your surfaces. It is then convenient to use at home where small children and pets are present.

What To Use

One of the main advantages of steam cleaner is that it is natural. There are no synthetic chemicals that can be harmful both for your family members and for the surfaces of your home. There are no additional products or costs that you need to worry about buying to use your steam cleaner.

How To Use

Using a steam cleaner is very simple and faster. Once you have filled the reservoir with clean water, ensure the mop is well attached to the head and leave the water until it’s boiled enough to produce steam.  When the color of the indicator changes, you should begin cleaning. You apply the steam to the surfaces you intend to clean. 

Move the nozzle of the steam cleaner to avoid cleaning one place for too long. You should note that you should dress appropriately such that the steam does not come into contact with the skin to prevent scalds and burns. After use, put the steam cleaner away from contact. At Lubbock Carpet Cleaning. Co, we have the best carpet cleaners that ensure your carpets are professionally cleaned.

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Places To Use

One can use a steam cleaner in almost every room and surface in the house. You can use it on tiles, carpets, upholstery, counters, curtains, seats, or even car interiors. Unfortunately, steam cleaners do not work well on hardwood floors.


The steam cleaner is expensive.

Hot Steam Cleaning By A Professional Cleaner Of Lubbock Carpet Cleaning


      1. It is easy to get rid of hard to remove stains. 
      2. This method is eco-friendly, making it safe for pets and small children.
      3. It’s a lot quicker and simple to use hence does not consume a lot of time.
      4. Removes the invisible bacteria and allergens and kills 99.9%of germs that could cause diseases.
      5. It requires the use of one tool, a steam cleaner making it less stressful.
      6. Drying time is quicker because of the little moisture used.


Mopping has been an effective method to give the house the fresh smell of a cleaned house. It involves using a mop,  bucket, cleaning products such as detergent, and a scrubbing brush in a stubborn stain. The cleaning solution’s choice lies entirely on you because some natural ones and others are synthetic.

How It’s Done

It’s simple. These are the stores to follow.

    1. Fill the bucket with warm or cold(depending on your preference) water and mix it with your detergent. 
    2. Dip the mop in the water 
    3.  Clean the surface by pushing the mop around using your hands
    4. Rinse the mop and repeat the process until your house is clean.
    5. Discard the dirty water in the bucket 
    6. Rinse the bucket and mop and store it appropriately.

Where To Use

mop is not that versatile as a steam cleaner. Mops are more limited to tiled cleaning floors.


      1. Mopping has its benefits as well.
      2. It does collect dirt more quickly than a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner loosens the dirt and then absorbs it.
      3. It is cheaper than a steam cleaner. All you have to buy is a mop, bucket, and cleaning products.
      4. The cleaning products contain smells that leave the house smelling very fresh.
      5. Cleaning a few times works as a bit of a workout.


      1. It is time-consuming and tedious. 
      2. It does not sanitize the surfaces like a steam cleaner
      3. It takes a long time to dry, making one tiptoe around the house to avoid stepping on the wet areas.
      4. It is limited to only tiled floors.


Both steam cleaning and mopping are used on tiled surfaces to remove dirt and stubborn stains.


The cleaning methods differ on different things; how to do them, pieces of equipment and products used, and where to be used. These are the differences:

Use of Chemicals

Steam cleaning is a natural method of cleaning the house, so no products are needed. Mopping, on the other hand, uses cleaning products that help mainly in cleaning. Most of these products are harmful and could cause severe difficulties to the people living in the house.


A mop does not kill germs and bacteria on the surfaces as a steam cleaner does. The high temperatures produced by the steam cleaners help in sanitizing the surfaces and giving the house the clean it deserves.


A mop is quite risky to use in a house with small children or even adults walking around. The cleaning products used could be dangerous because it makes the tiled floor a bit slippery. If they are not appropriately wiped, they could cause one to fall, causing injuries. Mopping does not guarantee to dry, making it easier for one to trip or fall when one steps on a wet surface.

Removal of Dirt

Mopping is effective in dirt removal. The mop can collect and wipe away dirt that a steam cleaner cannot manage. Rinsing the floors is more effective.

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Steam cleaning is more versatile than mopping. Steam cleaners can clean the floor, carpets, curtains, and more surfaces, while mopping is limited to tiled floors. Our steam cleaning services in  Lubbock will amaze you as we clean your carpets, rugs, and other household items.

Steam cleaning is simple and less stressful than mopping. It’s an excellent way to clean your carpets, floors as well as any other floor in the house.  It’s all-natural and not harmful to the environment. It also ensures that all germs and bacteria are killed, making it safe for your kids to play safely.

You should invest in  steam cleaning services and enjoy staying in a clean home. Invest in our services at Lubbock Carpet Cleaning. Co and we will make cleaning in your house easier. Feel free to contact us.

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