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There is a lot of false information around as it pertains to rug cleaning. Many people thinking that professional area rug cleaning & rug cleaning services should not be used, especially on fancy and delicate rugs.

This false information has become quite common and it’s unfortunate because nothing could be further from the truth. That all being said we want to take the opportunity to put these rumors to rest.

The Non-Professional Carpet Cleaning Myth

After you read this next passage you will understand why we address this kind of fear. We are 100% aligned with people who state that you shouldn’t endeavor to clean fancy carpets on your own.

Cleaning, using soap and water and then drying in the sun, just as you would with a car mat, is an approach which will fade and shorten the life of you rug. Particularly with oriental rug cleaning.

That being said, there are various techniques that we will use for each specific area rug type. This will get your area rug clean and fresh. 


Steam Cleaning Rugs and Other Methods

One of our increasingly popular strategies for cleaning rugs is our proprietary steam cleaning technique. This wont work for all rug types though, and for these we have different methods which will be just as effective. But trust us, we know the right way to clean your rugs.

Proper Drying is an Absolute Must

Using the suns rays to dry an area rug is not a good idea, this will result in a rug that dries very hard. And nor is drying a rug in the shade a good idea. This is because the rug will stay wet for a very long time. The presence of this much moisture in a rug over such an extended period of time is not good. This will eventually penetrate the rug and leave an odor which will not be pleasant.

So, the area rug cleaning takes place must be considered.

Our professional drying methods are just as important as the clean itself. 

Fabric Type Will Determine The Best Rug Cleaning Approach 

We are not enthused about telling customers that we will be finished within 20 or 30 minutes. The reason that we don’t do that is exceptionally straightforward.

The kind of texture that we are working with decides the length of the procedure. When you need to do things right; sometimes this takes a little extra time. 

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