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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I get my carpet cleaned?

Unwanted dirt, stain, and grime can take home in your carpet if you do not regularly clean it. It will not only look unattractive but it will also be unhealthy as well.

To maintain the cleanliness and good hygiene of your carpets, it is ideal to have it cleaned up every 6 months.

Regular visits of professional carpet cleaning companies to you also helps a lot. It will not only prevent damages to occur in your carpets but frequent cleaning also lengthens its lifespan.  Let  Lubbock Carpet Cleaning Co. get the carpet cleaning work done for you.  

Can I just clean my carpet?

Your carpets are not cheap, especially those used in commercial establishments and offices. If handled by a regular person, cleaning it can potentially bring harm and damage to not only the carpet but to the person as well.

Have the trusted carpet cleaning company in Lubbock do the service for you.
Our highly trained professional carpet cleaners will get your carpets cleaned in no time. Lubbock Carpet Cleaning Co. will answer all your carpet cleaning needs.

How fast do carpets dry after cleaning?

Drying your carpets is one of the steps we always emphasize on. We value your time and we want you to enjoy your new and fresh clean carpets as soon as possible.

The typical drying time for a carpet is around 3-6 hours.
Lubbock Carpet Cleaning Co’s team of expert carpet cleaners will bring along useful equipment such as a blower and the like to speed up the drying process.

Who will be moving our furniture?

Our technicians only move small furniture such as tables, sofas, and chairs. We would not be moving any major appliances and/or huge furniture.

If there are things that are of value to you that stand in our way and may impede the progress of the carpet cleaning, we would respect that and will inform you immediately to move it aside.

Are your cleaning solutions safe for my pets and kids?

The carpet cleaning solutions that we use not only effectively cleans your carpets but also is safe for you, your children, and your pets.

Also, the mixtures that we use are environmentally friendly and do not emit strong odors or fragrances.

Can you get rid of stains on my carpet?

Many types of stains can blemish your carpets. From the usual coffee stains to the hard to remove ink or rust, our hardworking carpet cleaning staff will be up for the challenge of removing these unwanted marks from your carpets.

Lubbock Carpet Cleaning Co. will find ways and solutions on how to erase that stain on your carpet. We will exhaust all our techniques and methods in making your carpets flawlessly stain-free.

What is causing bad smells in my carpet and how do I get rid of it?

Some bad smells in your carpet can often originate from unchecked food or beverage stain or pet urine. These reasons, if left unnoticed, can seep within your carpet’s innermost layers and if left unnoticed for a long time, will invite bacteria to live and breed in your carpet.

The foul odors you have been smelling are a result of these bacteria living deep in your carpet. These little guys also make the color of your carpets deteriorate.
Our expert carpet cleaners here in Lubbock Carpet Cleaning Co. will conduct a deep clean of your carpet. We will use environment-friendly sanitizers on every layer of your carpet to eliminate the root cause of the bad odor and give it a fresh new scent you will surely love.

Do you guarantee your work?

Being the most trusted Lubbock carpet cleaning company, we assure you that our services are of quality and are all professionally done. We do not settle for less, our main goal is to answer your carpet cleaning needs properly and efficiently.

All of our cleaners are certified and background-checked. Aside from being experienced in this field, they are continuously given training with the new methods and techniques used in carpet cleaning. They also are courteous and are trained in giving excellent customer service.

Will you provide an accurate quote for the service I need?

Lubbock Carpet Cleaning Co is the trusted carpet cleaning company in Lubbock and we have built that trust by giving our clients truthful and honest quotations for the services that they require.

During the FREE pre-inspection routine that we will be doing in your house or office, our well-trained staff will properly assess what type of cleaning your carpets will require. From there, we will give you an estimate and the breakdown of everything that will be included in the cleaning procedure that we will be doing.

When can I make an appointment?

It is our pleasure to be of service to you! For bookings and appointments call us at 806-450-1021, our friendly staff are just waiting to talk with you.
We recommend that you schedule an appointment a week in advance. We are looking forward to serve you!

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