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Being in business makes you think more about your appearance. The way you present yourself to your clients and customers greatly impacts their confidence in you.

Your office, store, space or place of business should exude the same. And using commercial carpets is one way of reflecting sophistication and self pride to your prospects.

Clean Carpets tells people that you have invested a huge amount in your office aesthetics and that you are ready to do good business with them.

Lubbock Commercial Carpet Cleaning

With all the activities and foot traffic that your business will have every day, your once beautiful commercial carpet will gradually fade, deteriorate, and accumulate a lot of dirt. If not handled immediately, this can result in damage and carpet replacement costs a lot.

Avoiding the worst-case scenario that can possibly happen with your commercial carpet is easy.

Businesses in Lubbock, can always rely on Lubbock Carpet Cleaning Co. for  Commercial Carpet Cleaning needs. We are a trusted carpet cleaning company in the area.

Before booking with us, our team of well-trained cleaners will provide you with a free quote.  They will speak with you to understand the true extent of your office or business’ need for commercial carpet cleaning. We will then schedule the actual cleaning at your most convenient time.

Office Carpet Cleaner Lubbock

Our ever punctual and well-trained cleaning staff will then come to your office on the specified day and time – we can come after hours too of course. Before they will do the cleaning, they will brief you on the cleaning process, after that, they will proceed with the task.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Lubbock

We focus on not just cleaning your carpet but we also take care of it.  Our team of expert cleaners will handle your commercial carpets with professionalism and mindfulness.  The techniques, equipment, and chemicals we use are all environment friendly and gentle to any kind of carpet.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Lubbock Tx

Our main drive is to deliver the utmost quality service businesses in Lubbock and its nearby cities deserve. The way we do it is through commercial carpet cleaning. 

How often should you get your carpets professionally cleaned? Find about it here.

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We at Lubbock Carpet Cleaning Co. offers you a thorough, precise, and careful cleaning of your  commercial carpets.

In our basic cleaning package, our cleaning experts do:

An initial cleaning of your carpet using a rotary scrub machine with a buffer to knock out the stagnant dirt from it.

A washing of the carpet blasting dirt and grime from it. After washing we extract the dirty water from your commercial carpet.

Lastly, we again use a rotary scrub machine with a buffer to finally dry it and lift its old beauty anew.

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For specialized commercial carpet cleaning and care, we also offer the following:

    • Spot Cleansing: we look for spots and stains that may leave a mark on your carpet. Let our experts clean your commercial carpeting especially those who require attention and in public areas.
    • Anti-Stain Protection: having stains in your corporate carpets can be a major setback on your business’ image. Apply our anti-stain treatment to your high-traffic carpets to give it a layer of protection from dreaded stains and blemishes
    • Deep soil removal: this service gives your carpet a deeper clean than the usual. This is usually done yearly so that you will avoid the build-up of soil and grime deep in your carpet.
    • High-traffic cleaning: you will want to make sure that the main walkways of your clients are really clean. This service is optimized to do just that, cleaning the areas of your commercial carpet where there is heavy foot traffic.

We give business in Lubbock and its nearby cities a commercial carpet cleaner that is efficient, affordable, and genuine.

Lubbock Carpet Cleaning Co. can not wait to talk to you.

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“I found it nearly impossible to keep my carpets looking they way i hoped for – clean and fresh. I’m very particular that is for sure, but I just hate to live on dirty carpets. The guys at Lubbock Carpet Cleaning Co. have been cleaning my home for years now. I used to hire Carpet Tech, but no more!”

Sophie H.

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“Initially I invited Lubbock Carpet Cleaning Co. to clean my carpets. Now I have them  clean my upholstery too. And more recently they have started cleaning my air duct vents too. I couldn’t be happier with the results they get. I’d call them if I were you!”

Steve M.

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