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If you have a scenario where your carpet has a tear in it, you may not need to resort to buying a new one.

There are various things that we can do to fix unsightly carpets. Everything from carpet stretching to filling a hole with a carpet patch.  We will do such a good job that you might not even be able to notice the repair work.

Carpet fixing is most effective for a small job, but sometimes this won’t be an option. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Lubbock Tx

What Options Do I Have

You have a number of options. First thing to do, is call us.  We will conduct a full review of the damaged area and give you our expert conclusion on whether repair is possible.

Can All Carpets Types Be Repaired?

The short answer is yes. The type of carpet has no baring on whether we can repair your carpet, what matters most is just how damaged your carpet is. If it’s just a case of using our carpet stretcher to pull it back into the tacks, this will be straight forward.

Be rest assured if your preference is to repair your carpet, rather than replace, we will do all we can.

​This won’t always be the case unfortunately, some carpets may be damaged beyond repair.

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Office Carpets Repairs

Most places of business have carpet. If there is a high footfall it is inevitable you will have issues.

The majority of these carpets in will be simple fixes. We use repair methods that are virtually impossible to tell a carpet has been repaired Saving you big time – new carpets ain’t cheap!

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