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This is our main service page, and we want to use it to talk about some of the different methods we use to clean carpets. We understand that sometimes it might be difficult for customers to determine the best carpet cleaning company to work with. 

This is often because many carpet cleaning Lubbock companies use images on their website that have been retouched, or are not of their own work. 

There really is only one way to convince you that we know what we are talking about. That is, being clear on exactly how we carry out our 
carpet cleaning services. This, and our stellar service make us the  best carpet cleaner  Lubbock TX has to offer.

Hiring professional carpet cleaners usually is economical as you do not need to invest so much in buying appliances that may hurt your wallet.

We Take Time to Determine the Best Carpet Cleaning Method

Before we apply any carpet stain removal, we need to do some investigating. Our deliberate and thorough approach to discovering the types of materials and stains on your carpet, lets us determine what is the best cleaning strategy.

Different Carpets, Different Methods

When in doubt, we always use as little water as possible. That does not mean, however, that steam cleaning is going to be the go-to choice every time.

There are various kinds of methods that we will employ. Some will include using extremely powerful vacuum cleaners or we might use vacuums that are more gentle. Or, some may require a particular carpet shampooer. You can leave it to us though, to make these decisions.

Our professional carpet cleaning services ensure they are cleaned in a way that does not destroy the carpet. Commercial carpet cleaning cost is calculated per square foot depending on the type of cleaning service and the carpet materials and the severity of dirt and stains.

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Office Cleaning

Most businesses nowadays will have some type of carpet. As you most likely can tell, these sorts of carpets are typically not as thick as yours at home.

This gives many individuals the wrong impression that they can wipe them with just cleanser and water – this will rarely work. We can come to your workplace outside of your normal business hours.
That way, we are not disturbing anybody, whilst also giving you the very best carpet cleaning Lubbock has to offer.

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