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Why is a carpet cleaning company talking about cleaning air ducts? you might be wondering. Well, we do this to!

There was a good reason we began to offer an air vent cleaning service. We noticed a great deal of the residue found on floor coverings was coming from air conduits.

In understanding this, we were faced with a choice. Either permit air ducts to keep dirtying carpets and rugs and give us more business. Or, begin offering duct cleaning services and give homeowners the complete cleaning service. We picked the latter!

Should I Actually Get My Air Ducts Cleaned? 

There has been a few people who say that air duct cleaning is not needed. As late as the start of 2019, there was an article distributed by the Washington Post that tired to address the issue. The writer did in fact conclude that Air Duct cleaning is a much needed service with a lot of benefits to a home.

Air ducts emit residue that will dirty your carpets, rugs and furniture, slowly, over time. You probably won’t even think your air ducts are the cause. Find out here about the signs that your air duct needs cleaning.


Safety First For Your Family

We also promote air vent cleaning services because of the harmful effects residue can cause, you and your family. keeps residue and off your walls or your floor coverings.

Some air vents are situated in a spot where they can be reached by little children or pets. Naturally curious, they will tend to touch air ducts, increasing the likelihood that they will inhale and get covered by horrible residue. If you could avoid this happening and keeping your family safe, why would you not?

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What We Actually Do

We have the necessary equipment to clean through an air vent. An uncertainty that many individuals have is whether the gear that we use for rugs can be used to clean air vents. The appropriate response is no.

Other than doing some minor cleaning of the rear vent from the outside with one of our vacuum cleaners now and again we instead use specialist equipment to clean the air vent. This means we clean up 100% residue particles that could have developed there!

Can I Get a Carpet/Air Duct Combo?

This is fast becoming one of our most popular service packages. The answer is yes. We regularly have special discounts on this package, so be sure to ask our team if we are running any promotions. 

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